Why you should set up your business in Gatineau


Gatineau is right at the centre of the action when it comes to access to the single largest consumer in Canada, the federal government, which spends $10 billion annually on goods and services. Gatineau itself has more than 7,000 businesses within its territory, which is located in a region that has the highest concentration of high technology businesses in Canada.

Gatineau offers a variety of industrial parks, some of which have properties that are serviced¾depending on how they are to be used¾at very competitive prices. The aeroparc in Gatineau’s east end is the only one in the National Capital Region located next to an airport, the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport.

Gatineau residents enjoy one of the most affordable costs of living and one of the highest qualities of life. There are not many places in the world where residents and tourists can enjoy the benefits of the city and nature as afforded by Gatineau Park, its green belt and the many lakes and rivers.


  • On the international stage, Quebec is acknowledged as one of the best places for R&D.
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Ten reasons to set up your business in Gatineau

  1. Gatineau is right at the centre of the action when it comes to access to the single largest consumer in Canada, the federal government, which spends $10 billion annually on goods and services.
  2. The cost of land in Gatineau’s industrial parks is among the most competitive in the Quebec City-Windsor corridor.
  3. Gatineau is one of the regions with the highest concentrations of high technology businesses in Canada.
  4. Gatineau is the doorway to western Quebec, and is close to the two largest provinces in Canada.
  5. Gatineau is close to the northeastern and east central parts of the United States, a market of 100 million inhabitants and nearly 40% of America’s industrial capacity.
  6. With a population of 270,599 inhabitants, Gatineau is the fourth largest city in Quebec and the fourth urban agglomeration in Canada.
  7. Gatineau has one of the highest rates of bilingualism in Canada, with close to 63% of its population fluent in French and English.
  8. Gatineau has tremendous biophysical conditions for agriculture, with a mild microclimate and fertile soils.
  9. Gatineau’s cost of housing compares very favourably to that of the largest urban and industrial agglomerations in Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal and Ottawa.
  10. In 2008, out of 4,700 Canadian cities surveyed, the Canadian Council on Learning ranked Gatineau second among the most intelligent cities. In this regard, Gatineau was the only city in Quebec to make it among the top ten offering highly attractive learning conditions and quality of life to its residents.

Did you know?

  • In Quebec, Gatineau is the city with the second largest proportion of people born abroad. Gatineau averages 1,300 newcomers a year.
  • Gatineau has the highest number of golf courses in Quebec, with nine public and three private courses.
  • Its geographic setting and relatively unpolluted environment give Gatineau more days of sunshine than the larger centres like Montréal and Toronto.
  • Gatineau Park stretches over 361 km2 and has nearly 200 km of trails for hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers.
  • The Canadian Museum of History has a choice location in Gatineau, and is the most popular cultural attraction in Canada.

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Why choose Gatineau

  • “In 2004 we thought about moving the company’s head office to Montréal to get closer to Sucre Lantic, one of our major suppliers. The goal was to save on transportation costs. But we soon changed our minds. On the one hand, it was cheaper to deliver throughout the territory from Gatineau. In addition, the quality of life here is exceptional.”

    Jean-Rock Beaudoin, President, Slush Puppie Canada

  • “ We chose Gatineau because of the financial and technical assistance that was offered here in Gatineau. We received a lot of help from the municipality at every stage of the project, namely with the zoning change and the permits. Also, every time a problem came up, someone in the municipal administration would come up with solutions.”

    Patrick Lamothe, President, Gestion Altitude

  • “I chose Gatineau because it has an enormous population and one of the highest growth rates in Quebec. These were important considerations for my project, because a dairy needs volume to work.”

    Georges Émont, Executive Director, Laiterie de l’Outaouais

  • “My family comes from Maniwaki, and for us it was the most natural thing to move to Gatineau to set up a business. Particularly since Gatineau’s population is quiet large, which makes it the ideal place to set up a business like mine.”

    Normand Lavoie, Owner, Pneus Lavoie Outaouais

  • “Lebanon is a French colon. When my father decided to start up his business, he chose Gatineau over Ottawa simply because he had more affinity with the Francophone population. Moreover, Gatineau is a safe bet for a business like ours given its stable economy, which is protected by the many federal jobs in the region.”

    Charles Jarawan, Owner, Les Brûleries Aladdin

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